Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Golden Egg vol. 11

My roommate and I have been going bonkers over WynnDrew, an Etsy seller with fabulous bath and body products, and the stuff we've tried from them is simply decadent. I decided it's high time I gave these folks a shout out. So far, we have used, with great success and satisfaction: Elated Body Butter, Lime and Coconut Soap, Almond Spice Lip Balm (It's the bomb!)and a selection of custom products they have been kind enough to develop! I am most keen on the Cranberry Lime Sugar scrub. I am hoping they will start listing it on the site, because it smells just GODLY and leaves your skin exquisitely soft. All the items are packaged in a charming, adorable way, suitable for gifts or just for treating yourself. As an added bonus, they're all organic! These people are so nice, and their passion for what they do crystal clear in all their work and communication with customers. Please visit their Etsy site, and if you harbor a secret wish for that perfect product at a perfect price, convo them right away!

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