Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still here, a bit worse for wear. Back to school and rehearsal has kept me very busy these days, and I've been feeling under the weather this weekend. Did some sewing, though, and photographed new work. These little felt cuties are pins or brooches. More on Flickr if you like what you see:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Though the return to school has kept me busy lately, I recently found time to visit the Maryland Science Center. I have to say, although I enjoyed the dinosaur bits, the rest is kinda silly and uninteresting if you're a grownup, or even a woman-child like me. I remember it being WAY more fun when I was small. Also, it was really dim, so most of my photos didn't turn out to my satisfaction. Still, where else can we find so many dinos? Here are some highlights in images.

First, you'll observe the towering sculpture depicting a Tyrannosaurus biting a Brachiosaurus on the, ahem, hindquarters. Ok, tail. Then, we have an impressive T-Rex Skull. The next image reveals the true and enormously disappointing proportion of a Velociraptor skull in relation to my finger! Jurassic Park, or the film, at least, is guilty of incredible exaggeration. He and the remaining dinosaurs pictured are part of the Chinasaurs exhibition, comprised of "authentic Chinese dinosaurs." Next I have a shot of a Yunnanosaurus, a plant eating, long necked creature prone to standing on two legs. Following him is the CREEPIEST dinosaur I've ever seen, the Oviraptor. Eek! Lastly, the friendly Robo-crab bids you adieu.