Monday, April 6, 2009

The Golden Egg vol. 13,14,15

Here it is folks, the long awaited Triple-Decker, Super-Special, Easter/Vacation Slammin' Spectacular Golden Egg, coming right now to your very own monitor:

13. Annyandme- Creator and purveyor of fabulous fabric bags. This shop offers the best of all possible worlds- large capacity, light weight, convenient pockets, stylish structure and pleating, adjustable single strap, full lining, contrast piping, gusseted bottom (I hate bags that tip over when you put them down) and best of all, darling, daring fabrics that could only be chosen by the eyes of a real artist. You'll also find ultra-functional laptop sleeves, lunch bags, and wristlets. Bravo, Annyandme!

14. LemonGrove- An Etsy shop filled with intricate beadwoven jewelry that's at once modern, complex, and wearable. Craftshmanship is top-notch, even staggering when you contemplate the hours this artist must have spent creating a number of her pieces. So fresh and chic, even Stacey and Clinton would surely approve. I especially appreciate the delicate balance here between the organic and the geometric! You won't see jewelry like this anywhere else. Way cool!

15. Juliepersons- A textile artist specializing in felting. Her aesthetic is so welcoming and sweet, even child-like, yet appropriate for both young and old. She expertly blends brightly-colored roving wools together along with the occasional bead to make brooches, booby pins, vessels, pendants, sculptures, dolls, and tapestries. How could a person gaze upon one of her creations and not be moved to smile? Adorable!

And there you have it, friends. Bing, bang, boom!

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