Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

The new year is fast approaching and I thought it might be fun to begin a blog. My intention is to use this to discuss my works in progress, share my trials and triumphs in the Etsy world, and maybe talk a bit about real life, too.

My holiday was a wonderful one! There was much eating and much singing! I was lucky enough to get some time off in addition to Christmas and New Year’s so I have been busily beading. So far, I’ve finished a new ring, the Raspberry Tangerine Ring, and three sets of new napkin rings. I thought it might be wise to make more napkin rings since I have received some positive attention on the two sets I have made so far. One was bought (Woohoo!) and in regards to the other, a kind woman known as starlightdesigns on Etsy wrote to ask me if she could feature the set in a book she is writing! I am so exited and flattered! Please go and check out her handmade lampwork beads if you create your own beaded jewelry.

I’ve made a total of six sales to people I don’t know since opening my Etsy shop in late June of this year, and sixteen sales to awesome folks I do know. Thanks for the support, you all!

Also, monkeydoodle was nice enough to feature me in a treasury on Etsy. A treasury is a collection of stuff you like that you arrange by theme and post if you are lucky enough to get a slot. This has only happened to me on two other occasions, to my knowledge. Anyway, it’s greatly appreciated!

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  1. What a great start - lots of GOOD things are happening for you!
    Leslie :-)