Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here is some of the paper sculpture I've been working on lately. This first image is a wreath of catalog pages I made for a friend.
The next four images are shots of a crazy headdress I built which was inspired by a trip to France a few years ago. The spiky crown refers to the Statue of Liberty, which came to us from France. Behind the crown is a pair of wings, since I was lucky enough to photograph an amazingly tame family of swans at Versailles. The bridge across the eyes is the Sully bridge, which crosses the Seine very close to Notre Dame. I created the paper roses in response to the real ones I saw while eating lunch in the rose garden at the Rodin museum. I used only one neutral color hoping it would tie together all of these disparate elements and establish a sense of harmony. Obviously, I was bursting with enthusiasm for the 10 days I spent in France, and I hope this joy is captured in my artwork here.

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