Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fifth Grade

Name Cubes

Unfortunately, this is the only project I have nice images for in 5th grade. It is really neat, though. I have posted the template in the largest file format, which was printed on heavy white cardstock. We used our names as a springboard for a nonrepresentational design. Drawing media includes sharpies, fine and extra fine, and crayola markers, as well as some flair pens. To spice things up, we applied different types of mark making: solid, blended, dots, scribbles, hatching, and crosshatching. Each letter of the name represents a personal trait- like quiet, friendly, playful, etc. Legibility is unimportant in this case.The folds are super tight because we used a ruler and bone folder to make them line up- keep them as crisp as you can for a neat cube. DON'T CUT OFF THE TABS! :)

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