Friday, June 19, 2009

Third Grade
Aboriginal Prints

We looked at Australian Aboriginal bark paintings, noting the subject of nature and animals, the use of pattern, and the use of symbols to tell us something. Third graders chose an animal to represent them, included some symbols, and transferred their drawings onto a sheet of foam, just like what you might buy your meat on in the grocery store. We then inked it and printed onto construction paper. You could translate this into a smaller-scale home project, inking it on an inkpad, perhaps? You can get a very faint, ghostly image by coloring it with washable marker and quickly pressing it onto paper before it dries.

Hamsa Hands

The Hamsa hand is a traditional good luck charm found in Jewish and Islamic traditions. We discussed pattern and symmetry, and the media, again, is construction paper crayon. You can tell I love them, a lot!

Dinosaur Disaster Movie Poster
These were so funny and melodramatic! I showed the kids some vintage movie posters, like Gozilla and King Kong, pointing out the things the artist added to make people want to go see the movie, like action, danger, exaggeration, onomatopoeia, things like that. Then, we did an observational drawing lesson with dollar store plastic dinosaurs. The creative component is the movie setting,
title, and other propganda.

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