Thursday, June 18, 2009

Second Grade
Color Mixing with Markers
We created fall trees in second grade while learning about color mixing. I made an interesting discovery that I worked into this lesson- washable markers, like crayolas, behave like watercolor when you spread water over them! Do the marker drawing first, then go over it with a paintbrush and water, washing the brush as you would between colors. We did the yellow first to keep the markers fairly clean, then red, then blue. The tree trunk brown was made with a mix of all three.

Porthole Painting
Second graders know lots of facts about undersea life, so I supplied them with some how-to-draw sea creature books and off they went! We first drew in pencil, then outlined in crayon to make a resist, then painted. The idea is that we are looking out a porthole of a submarine at the landscape under the sea. It helps to listen to "Yellow Submarine!"

Castle Pop Ups
Together, we looked at the pop up book, Castle:Medieval Days and Knights, by Kyle Olman, with Robert Sabuda pop ups. We talked about the different parts of a castle and what usually went on in each area. The kids designed their castles on grey construction paper, first in pencil, then sharpie, then construction paper crayon. Next, they designed the background on a 12x18 inch sheet of tagboard that we'd fold in half. The pop up portion was made in this fashion, found on We then glued the castle cut out to the layer. Super simple! Just make sure no glue leaks out the sides, accidentally gluing the pop up shut.

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